Wednesday October 16th, 2013 16:21 I’m having a very safe affair

The broken ass bitch in the photograph is martha, a sweet whore from Minnesota. Now why is she a whore? Well first of all check out the profile pic she has hanging up at the Affair Dating website, come one, I can understand a naked pic, some boobs and an ass, but this just shows what a filthy fucking whore that you are.

Anyway, the whore is hot and is available that time of day that I have free, free from my wife and kids, that would be on my lunch break, that 90 minutes a day that she has from her job and that I can take three times a week, so there you go, I found my match, my cheating bitch to date at a close motel at lunch time.

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In person she looks even hotter and that ass, is it like that in real life. No, it’s actually tight, I know cos I’ve fucked it. OK, too much information there I’d say 🙂 Guys and girls if you want to get out of your same old boring shit life for a few hours here and there and you want to meet people from the other sex that actually want to have sex with you, then do like I did and join The fastest, safest and most economical way in getting you laid in a matter of hours with someone in your town!

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