Saturday June 29th, 2013 19:20 Now this is what I call a date

LOL, yes I very well know shes a whore, but a hot whore with a perfect body and amazing facial features, I’m guessing thats why shes a webcam model over at Live Free Fun dot Com. I mean we haven’t been out of the house (I went to pick her up) for 20 minutes and people have been stopping her asking her if she’s the whore on webcam, this babe has thousands of fans, people all over must know her. Check out the pic I took a few minutes ago. She isn’t even wearing panties, what a fucking slut. Her name: StaciChase the one and only. Click either the link that I just posted or the image below and get access to the webcam service for free, you can all thank me later after that you’ve busted a nut or two!


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Monday June 17th, 2013 22:06 Teen chick with awesome boobs

You remember her? her Bouncy boobies? Anyone that has been on surely knows her, over on the webcam network she’s very popular and has a shit load of fans. She’s the one that gives out the most free golden shows than any other babe on that site, not to mention the private shows. However this past week she didn’t go doing her usual job, nope, she came over to LA and did some porn movies for us, like 5 I think and all in 4 days. She took so much cock in such little time that it was amazing how her pussy and ass weren’t burning in pain. She even too one of the cameramen back to her room at the hotel and they fucked for a few hours that night also. She is surely the most cock hungry slut that I have ever met in this business and she is VERY good at doing what shes asked to… taking care of cocks!

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Saturday June 8th, 2013 23:29 Moms up the ass

Moms up the ass? Yes thats what the title says and the two milfs in the video are mothers, they have children, they do porn videos, they work also at free fun live webcams, they have sex for a living and its all fucking great for them. They do however have sex when not working as well and the dude that they’re fucking in the video they actually took home with them, they took the dude home (to Janns house) because he said that he still has a lot of boner left inj him and is willing to fuck them off camera also. Hey they were not going to turn that cock down for no fucking reason and they fucked again all night off camera and I was told that the off camera was even better than the video that we have here.

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