Saturday May 25th, 2013 22:21 Famous pornstar fucking dude for free

At first I truly thought that this was an official porn video, but it really aint at all. Its her production, made by her camera crew and she has all the rights for the video. By the way she didn’t give us permission to add this video to our blog listings, so may I suggest that you check it out before we receive a bitching email from her stating that she will sue us if we don’t take the fucking thing down, I’m just saying that, because thats how things always go when you add a video without permission or pay them some credits or shit like that. So thats why I said check this one out before its gone and when it is gone join me at these Gay websites

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Friday May 17th, 2013 21:01 Webcam Milf enjoys doing porn also

Milf webcams thats her day job, well mostly evening and nights but you know what I’m saying right. She’s making a lot of money and a lot of these rich dudes are willing to pay her top dollar to do a private show for them, some Arab dudes are spending thousands every day on her, some say that she has flown over to the middle east and spent the weekend with some prince and he covered her with cash that she could nearly retire. Her kink however was to do a porn video, only that the people willing to bring her on and making a movie, weren’t willing to pay her a lot, so after turning down a bunch, she took shit into her own hands and made a set of her own and brought in amateur dudes with big cocks and fucked them while a paid camera chick would film every moment of the action. She said that she wanted to open her own website where people can subscribe to her videos and all, thats should be fun.

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Sunday May 5th, 2013 19:17 She has that fetish for mens feet

Roberta from Rome in Italy, she is a Male foot worship slut. She will let you fuck her where and when you want, but you must let her lick and kiss and suck your feet first, she will do it for about 20 minutes, then all the rest of the time, all the time you want, she’s yours, your’s to facefuck, yours to ass fuck, to 69, you name it she will let you do it. Do you like fisting? No problem, let her worship your feet and all the rest comes after it and when I say all I really do mean all. I’ve been with her 3 times already and cant wait to fuck her once more again. She’s also modeling on, that webcam network has no need for presentations, she said that she gets off looking at dudes feet while she slams her pussy with huge dildos, whats she’s saying is that she gets paid and gets off doing what shes doing, she fucking loves her job and her clients love her!!

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