Monday April 29th, 2013 15:30 I thought that it was a date, but….

It was pretty much not a date. Check out Luisa a blonde beauty from London in the UK. 24 years of age ending up her masters in college. Not like in the US college over there in Europe is pretty cheap, nothing even close to what they steal of you here, but she still had rent, utilities and food to pay for, so she went out looking for a job, but in London it’s not that easy, so a friend said that he could hook her up with an online job, little did she know that it was a Webcam fucking job, where she’d have to bring in guys that she knows or picks up and fucks them while rich people online watch her getting slammed. She refused when she found out about what the job was all about, but the person that wanted to hire her showed her how much she could make and that’s when she changed her mind! Well a few weeks later she asked me out on a date, I thought that it was a legit thing, I had no idea that all that she wanted me to do was to fuck her while like 300 perverts were looking at my cock going in and out of her ass and pussy!


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Friday April 26th, 2013 19:05 Gret blowjob last night

I know that I shouldn’t have but the temptation was kinda big so I thought that it would have been OK for a one night thing. My girlfriend was at her mothers for the weekend and thats like an hours drive from where I live and this past two weeks a chick that I used to work with was busting my balls, she was hitting on me like I was the chick and she was the dude, thats how bad it was. Well she’s over weight, but at the same time she’s cute and known to be a filthy bitch in bed. So I did it I called her and I went over to her place, she lived like 20 minutes away from my place. I walked in and she was semi-naked on the couch she didn’t waste time and she sucked my cock, it was the most intense BJ of my life and I just wanted to share with you that moment. Check out as well: tranny sex stories


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Thursday April 18th, 2013 00:26 Big cock for shy porn chick

Hey this chick like to be called Nice_nipples I find that fucking pathetic, but once I got to see her in action, I still thought that the name she gave herself is pathetic, but she’s fucking hot, she is a established cm girl and a future pornstar. I say future because this is a pilot that she made the the Canadian porn kings, that happen to be the largest growing porn industry figure at this time, they have over 1200 webcam whores and dudes working for them and their pornstar list is growing by the day. So if your a filthy whore that likes to make cash hit them up, but if you look like shit then forget about it, they hire only the very best. Now said that, go check out the fucking video and don’t waste any more of my fucking time, thanks.

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Friday April 5th, 2013 16:58 Ex Webcam babe now doing porn movies full time

Hardcore Porn thats what she’s doing and she’s doing it full time, that means at least three days a week and if you think that she gets around $3,000 per shot thats around $35-$40k a month, not bad if you think that all she has to do is suck cock and have them guys stuff her pussy and in some occasions even her ass. Fuck me thats half a million bucks a year. Not bad! She ain’t bad either and neither are the chicks that are posted on the link I just gave you all above. Thats where I got the video from, and if you wanna see some more great quality videos just like this one then you know what to do. OK, there ya go, I threw you a bone, now its up to you to collect it or not, the ones that already have are still thanking me for it. I have to say that these dudes at have the best collection and list of pornstars that I have ever seen on the web, I really think that no one has yet anything better and I doubt that anyone can.

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