Monday March 25th, 2013 21:17 This chick knows how to handle dick

She’s 19 so I’m saying to myself (before she stuck my cock in her mouth) that she could not be good at what she was going to do. I was wrong, she has been doing Teen Porn videos since she became 18 years of age and during that time she’s been a webcam girl as well, one of the hardcore bitches on cam, the ones that use savage dildos and slide them up both their holes, so this chick came prepared and with a box full of experience. The blowjob I already said it was something special, then we got down to penetreation and even if shes a pornstar and has already made 24 films and taken cocks as thick and as long as her leg she was still tight, oh yes sir she was, not to mention her ass, it took me like tem minutes and half a tube of lube to get my cock up there, it was worth it though. Overall a great fucking fuck!!

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Friday March 15th, 2013 20:59 Blondes, brunettes and redheads!

I like brunettes, redheads and blondes. There is one thing though and that: Blondes on webcam are way hotter than brunettes or redheads. I could sound retarded, but thats the fucking case, no fucking kidding. I mean check it out for yourself, puck any brunette that is tall slim and has long hair and do the same for another chick but that is blonde. Have them do the same things on cam and then figure out what of the two actually turned you on the most. Have them spread, suck on a dildo, stuff that dildo up their ass and pussy, I’m very much sure that they’d both do a great job, but on webcam the blonde being filthy looks hotter. Try it out then if I’m wrong then feel free to come to the office and kick me in the fucking balls. I listed a few cams here below. I thought that you could pick a few out from this site to conduct your experiment. The reason that I picked this site is because they have thousands of chicks available daily and the hottest that can be found on the web. You can click on the below image to get access, I just put these four images up as I thought that they were real hot, but like I said you can check them all out and their in the thousands, blondes, brunettes and redheads!


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Friday March 8th, 2013 15:34 I searched and then found

I was asking around on the web, the best place for gay cams and everyone that I asked they all gave me the same answer, the site is: Gay webcam porn, thats a clickable link by the way. So I went and checked it out and it happens to be simply a category of a massive cam site for everyone and I’m talking about straight, lesnian and gay, so no matter who you are or on what site you bend on, you’re going to find what you’re looking for. Then came the moment to test one of these gay dudes out, I needed to see if the word on the street is actually whats happening on cam. So I hit up one of the dudes and we went private, person to person, cam to cam. Well all I can say is that we had the time of our lives, hes great at what he does and told me that all his buddies that are present on the site are just as good as he is if not better. So I have now become officially one of them dudes that can say, it’s the best gay cam site out there.

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Thursday March 7th, 2013 16:55 Best damn thing that I’ve ever hard

Thats right, I’ve never had anything better than Ferrari and I’m not talking about a fucking car. I’m talking about this super hot brunette from Estonia (thats in the ex Soviet Union, now today a country, I know that you all know, but there are a few demented and ignorant people out there). Well lets be honest, usually girls from over there are pale and have blonde hair, so blonde that it looks white. But not her and thats what makes her even more special. She said the other evening on webcam that everyone on the street hits on her not only because shes hot (and she knows that she hot trust me) but they also hit on her because she’s so different looking than everyone else in her city. Very popular even on the webcam network that she’s working on, there is a que to stand in if you want to go private with this babe.


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