Sunday February 24th, 2013 22:12 Audrey Bitoni Masturbating and we have the exclusive video

This one is a scoooooop my friends, we have a video that only us and the guys that gave it to us have ( and no one else has. It’s of sexy hot Audrey Bitoni masturbating. The video was supposed to go on one of her DVD’s this Christmas called: Solo girl Porn, but for some reason it was left out by mistake and ended up not going anyplace until the guys over at CrakCash got hold of it and posted it on their porn tube. You gotta know that these dudes don’t let anyone use their videos and them that do without permission get their asses sued, they do as such to keep their videos theirs and yours as in, if you want to see fresh and exclusive videos you know where to find them and like said from time to time, you’ll find a few over on our blog as well, so like you would on their tube do the same with us and click bookmark on your browser tab.

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Saturday February 16th, 2013 21:02 All natural Miss Gorgeous

This chick has had no work done to herself, she’s one of the very few that I know that works on the young live sex section of this webcam site that is totally untouched and natural. Thats how I like them and I know that a lot of my buddies like them this was as well, thats why I posted her pic below that you can click on and access her page. I’m not telling you that you need to sign up and all that shit, no I’m inviting you to check out her page and the stats that she has, really outstanding!

Also don’t forget that she has dozens of friends that are ready to take you on right now, you wont need your credit card don’t worry its all free, I’ve had already three free shows this week and I’ve loved them all. Twice with this chick and another one with an Asian babe that made me cum hard and right away!


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Monday February 4th, 2013 22:53 I found a granny on cam that is the bomb

Ok first of all please check out the Granny Sex Show page on Livefreefun dot com, thats where I found Mary, shes a 44 year old Milf that has 3 kids and one of her kids has a kid, so that makes her a greanny, beyond reasonable doubt! However she is also the hottest granny of all times and if you click the image below and you are lucky enough to find her online, I’m sure that you’ll totally agree with me. The thing that surprises me is that she looks even better than her two daughters, if you put them all three in line and ask me to pick, I’m going for the granny, fuck yeah are you kidding me!! Well, the best part is, is that granny here is a filthy bitch and is willing to do anything you want, she wants to be filthy because it turns her on, she wants to be your slave and not your mistress because she likes taking orders no matter how weird or kinky they are she’ll do it without saying a word. Now thats my sort of woman, thats my sort of granny, thats my sort of slutty cam girl!


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